Tweetlogix 2.6 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 2.6 is available now in the App Store. This update includes support for viewing Twitter animated GIFs and videos.


  • Support for viewing Twitter animated GIFs and videos
  • Enhanced image viewer supporting side-swipe gesture for viewing multiple images
  • Long tapping links in iOS 8 now also displays URL
  • Added video stream quality setting for Twitter video (See Settings > Media)
  • Added ability to clear cookies for in-app web browser (See Settings > Reset)

You may need to clear your Tweetlogix cache after updating to this version in order to view Twitter animated GIFs and videos in existing cached tweets.

Also note that Twitter has not yet added support for animated GIFs and videos in search results. However, you can tap any tweet to view animated GIFs and videos from the individual tweet view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem closing image viewer with swipe-down gesture
  • Fixed problem causing retweets of blocked users to appear in home timeline while streaming
  • Fixed problem muting retweets in cached search results
  • Fixed web view sharing sheet to use URL of currently displayed page
  • Fixed contrast problem for tab buttons with some color themes
  • Fixed problem scrolling to bottom of search results

Tweetlogix 2.5.1 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 2.5.1 is available now in the App Store. This is a very small update which fixes two issues:

  • Fixed incorrect display of detailed tweet view when navigating to some links
  • Fixed problem causing some tweets to display invalid location maps

Some users have also asked about support for displaying Twitter animated GIFs. Currently, Twitter has not yet updated their API to enable 3rd party apps to display GIFs. However, Twitter has recently commented in their developer forum that API support for GIFs is coming soon. I'm planning to develop support for displaying GIFs in Tweetlogix as soon as Twitter releases API support for them.

Tweetlogix 2.5 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 2.5 is available now in the App Store. Among the new features is support for the iOS 8 Sharing Sheet, viewing and uploading of Twitter header images, and avatar shape options.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback and bug reports. We wish everyone a happy holiday and new year!

New Features and Improvements

  • Support for iOS 8 Sharing Sheet
  • Twitter header images now displayed in user profiles
  • Upload your own Twitter header image (See Profile > Edit)
  • Options for round, square, or rounded-square avatars (See Settings > Display)
  • Web view on iPad is now always displayed as a full width view
  • Web view on iPad can be closed with a two-finger swipe down gesture
  • Navigating into tweet links now displays detailed tweet view
  • Users are now removed from Recent Users list when blocked or reported as spam

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem displaying some action confirmations on iPad
  • Fixed problem deleting keyword filters

Tweetlogix 2.4.1 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 2.4.1 is available now in the App Store. This is a small bug fix update, including a fix for the problem causing some tweets to be incorrectly saved to drafts. If you have existing drafts that were incorrectly saved by the previous version of Tweetlogix, you will need to manually delete them. Thanks to everyone who reported these issues.

Also note that Twitpic is currently shutting down. If you were previously using Twitpic as your image service, see this post for instructions explaining how to select a different image service. In the next update, Twitpic will be removed as an image service option.

Changes in this Update

  • Fixed problem causing some sent or discarded tweets to be saved as drafts
  • Fixed problem displaying "Tweet Sent Successfully" message
  • Fixed problem dismissing images with swipe-down gesture
  • Fixed layout issue when iOS in-call status bar is displayed
  • Fixed possible title text overlap in tweets

Twitpic is Shutting Down

Twitpic announced this week that they will be shutting down their service. It appears that Twitpic's upload API has already been shut down and is now reporting errors when uploading images. If you were previously using Twitpic as your image service, you'll need to select a different image service in Tweetlogix Settings.

To select a different image service:

  1. Open Tweetlogix Settings within the app.
  2. Navigate to Media > Images and select a different image service, such as Twitter.

Note that yfrog is also currently experiencing server-side upload issues, so you will not want to choose that option either.